Versatile, Practical Waxed Food Bags

The functional evolution of SuperBee Wax Wraps

Here at BeECOnscious we make products that are practical and easy to use and make our customers’ lives easier, so they never want to go back to plastic.

We’re constantly thinking about ways to get rid of single-use plastics and our Waxed Food Bags are a result of that process. These bags replace sandwich bags, plastic produce bags and hundreds of other plastic bags we use every day without a second thought.

When selling them you can point out their many benefits over plastic.

Easy to use and quick to seal

They’re so simple to use that even young kids can open and close them, no problem! They also seal fast – just roll or fold over the top a couple of times and the warmth of your hands will create a seal.

Keep food fresh for longer

Our special beeswax mixture is designed to create an antibacterial, breathable, water resistant surface that mimics the skin of a piece of fruit or the crust of a loaf of bread. This means that food doesn’t go brown or stale in our bags and they will actually extend the life of many food items.

Fruit and vegetables last longer in Waxed Food Bags

Use them everywhere

Pop them in the fridge filled with veggies from the supermarket, freeze baked goods, pack a snack or lunch - there are so many uses for our Waxed Food Bags.

Not just for food

One of our team uses them to keep her sewing neat and dry when heading out for the day. Another puts her shampoo bar and soap in a small bag when travelling. There are so many ways you can use these bags.


We don’t just make products that work well, we also make things that look gorgeous too. Be the envy of your friends at your next picnic, with designs to suit a wide range of tastes and ages. And who says grown-ups can’t use dinosaur print bags too!

Space saving

Is your fridge like a jigsaw puzzle? Nowhere to put those leftovers? Waxed Food Bags take up so much less space than plastic boxes so you can fit more into your crowded fridge. This also means that when your kids finish their lunches they can fold their Bags up and pop them into their school bag and they won’t take up much space. And when you travel you can take a couple with you, because you never know when they might come in handy, without using up precious suitcase space.

Long lasting

Unlike plastic bags you won’t be throwing them away, adding to landfills. Just like our famous Wax Wraps, these Bags are washable and reusable for well over a year. Simply wash with cool or warm (but not hot) water and gentle dish soap, and leave to dry on the dish rack. Depending on what you’ve been storing in them you can turn them inside out before washing to reach all the corners easily.

Like our Wraps these Bags shouldn’t be exposed to temperatures over 60 °C but work well in cold, cool and warm temperatures. We store them in a drawer with our tea towels and Wax Wraps.

Waxed Food Bags in their retail ready packaging
Waxed Food Bags in their retail ready packaging

You'll love the classic SuperBee retail ready boxes and your customers will love the versatility and utility of these bags which come in three sizes:

They’re also available in sets of three bags (one of each size), in many of the same bee-autiful prints as our bee-loved Beeginner Sets.

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