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Adding elegance and fun to every sip, our bent glass drinking straws are the turtle-friendly alternative your glass has been waiting for. Whether you’re shaking up a long cocktail, blitzing a delicious smoothie, rehydrating with a bottle of H20, or sipping on a delicious hot drink, these reusable straws are every thirsty environment lover’s friend and come in a set of four vibrant colors.

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<h2>All about our reusable glass drinking straws</h2>
Nothing elevates a drink from zero to hero quite like a cute, colorful straw. And you won’t be the only one having all the fun: crafted from high borosilicate glass - a material built to be strong and tough to break, our glass straws are child-safe, too, and can be used for sipping hot and cold drinks. They’re also easy to clean in the dishwasher and BPA-free, ensuring each and every sip tastes better than the last.

Made from transparent glass, these sustainable straws are an upgrade on those of the metal variety: not only do they look fantastic, but they’re extremely easy to keep clean. No more worrying that there’s something nasty lurking within; the transparent glass means they remain sparkling both inside and out.
<h3>Key features</h3>
<li>100% glass</li>
<li>100% vegan and cruelty free</li>
<li>Can be used with both hot and cold beverages</li>
<li>Fits in most types of reusable cups</li>
<li>Each pack contains four glass straws in pink, yellow, green, and orange, plus a case and cleaner brush</li>
<h3>Made from</h3>
<li>100% high borosilicate glass</li>
<li>The cleaner brush is made from nylon bristles and durable stainless steel</li>

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