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Our customers have been crying out for an alternative to harsh laundry detergents in plastic packaging, and we imagine your customers have too!

The SuperBee team have been working hard to create an effective, and practical solution that gives you clean, fresh laundry, every time!

Hexawash Laundry Detergent Replacement will change your laundry experience forever. It gives you fresh, clean clothes, with no nasty chemicals or plastic packaging. And even better, it lasts for over 300 washes so you’ll never run out of detergent again!

Putting a Hexawash in a washing machine

How to Use

  1. Put the Hexawash in your washing machine with your dirty laundry. Wash as usual.
  2. Skip the rinse cycle if your machine allows. No detergent means no soap to rinse away.
  3. Hang your Hexawash out to dry in the sun, with your clean clothes.
  4. Reuse again and again for more than 300 washes.

Does it really work?

We’ve tested it on the smelliest of teenagers’ t-shirts and the grubbiest of toddlers’ clothing* and they always come out fresh and clean.

How does it work?

Hexawash uses magnesium pellets, which create hydrogen gas and magnesium hydroxide, when mixed with water. This creates an alkaline solution of around pH 10.5 in your washing machine. Negative hydroxide ions reduce the surface tension of the water, allowing dirt and oil to break down and be washed away. Hexawash cleans your clothes as well as any detergent, whilst being kind to our waterways and planet.

Why Hexawash?

Saves money

A single Hexawash can save you around $150 a year, which is good for everyone!

Perfect for sensitive skin

Hexawash doesn’t contain any chemicals that cause itchy skin and allergic reactions. If you are looking for a laundry product that is gentle on your family’s skin, Hexawash is a great solution.

Kind to the planet

Many laundry detergents contain substances that cause severe damage to fish and marine animals in our waterways, but Hexawash is perfectly safe, and doesn’t cause any harm to the environment.

What about after 300 washes?

Your Hexawash will last more than 300 washes. When you think you’ve done over 300 washes you can weigh it – if it weighs less than 80g it’s time to invest in a new one.

When your Hexawash reaches the end of it’s life and no longer contains enough magnesium to clean your clothes properly, simply empty out the contents of the cotton bag and bury them in your garden. Magnesium is a great fertiliser and will help your garden to flourish.

Made with Love

Hexawash is ethically handmade by a local team of dedicated seamstresses in Northern Thailand. The colourful and individual Hexagonal shaped pouches are hand sewn using fabric left over from making our Wax Wraps. No two Hexawash are the same, so every one is a beautiful surprise!

* We recommend using a natural stain remover on stained clothing.

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