7 things you didn’t know about green laundry - eco washing with Hexawash

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More and more people are turning to green laundry alternatives to keep their clothes clean without harsh chemicals and strong artificial fragrances, that can irritate sensitive skin. There’s a growing range of laundry products on the market for eco washing, such as Soap Nuts and EcoEggs, but none are as long-lasting or as zero-waste as the beautiful Hexawash.

So what is Hexawash?

Putting Hexawash in the washing machine
  • Hexawash laundry detergent alternative was developed by the SuperBee team during the 2020 lockdown.
  • Instead of detergent, surfactants and harsh chemicals Hexawash uses magnesium for your eco washing.
  • Each Hexawash lasts for an amazing 300+ loads of green laundry.
  • Hexawash is one of SuperBee’s most popular new products, getting rave reviews!

People are naturally curious about ‘how’ and even ‘if’ Hexawash works so here we try to answer some of the most common questions we’ve been receiving.

1. How long does Hexawash really last?

While every household is different, and things like water hardness can have a small impact on the life of a Hexawash, we found that each Hexawash will last for at least 300 loads of laundry – which for most people means almost a year. So no more running out of detergent and carrying home heavy plastic bottles for an entire year!

2. How does magnesium clean laundry?

Step 1
When magnesium pellets are mixed with water, hydrogen gas and magnesium hydroxide are created.

Step 2
This reaction results in an alkaline solution of around pH 10.5.  This is the optimal pH for washing laundry, which most traditional detergents also aim to achieve.

Step 3
As the magnesium reacts with water, negative hydroxide ions are produced, reducing the surface tension of the water and making it easier for dirt and oil to break-down and be washed away.

3. How can I tell when my Hexawash has ‘run out’?

We realise Hexawash is not like a bottle of detergent, which is easy to see when it’s finished. With Hexawash the easiest way to check when it needs replacing is to weigh it, as every time you use it the magnesium pellets break down a little. Once it weighs less than 80g we recommend you buy a new one, and either retire your old one, or use it alongside the new one!

4. Can I use my Hexawash in any washing machine, and at any temperature?

Yes, Hexawash works well in both top and front loading machines. It works well with both cold and hot washes, so choose the temperature you’d normally use (or a colder one, to save electricity).

5. Is Hexawash a stain remover too?

For everyday and easy to clean stains we recommend pre-soaking your laundry with Hexawash. However, it isn’t a stain remover, so if you have particularly stubborn stains it probably won’t be enough on its own. So for hard-to-shift stains, like coffee or beetroot, we suggest using your favourite eco-friendly stain remover before washing with Hexawash.

6. Is Hexawash recyclable or biodegradable?

We think this is one of the best parts of Hexawash – it’s totally zero waste! At the end of its life, if you decide not to keep using it alongside your new Hexawash, it’s completely, 100% biodegradable. And not just biodegradable – it’s also a great fertiliser (magnesium is found in many fertilisers). The GOTS certified orgnanic cotton pouch is also completely biodegradable too - so plant it in your garden (either in or out of the pouch) and it will break down and feed your plants.

7. Do I have to dry my Hexawash in the sun?

Thankfully for all of you who live in more northern countries, the answer to this is a firm ‘No’. Hexawash doesn’t have to be hung out in the sun to dry. You can hang it up indoors too – just make sure you let it dry after you finish using it, to prolong its life.

What our customers say

Former sceptic, now enthusiast - I think most were sceptical about the Hexawash, as it is not soap. But right after the first try, I was convinced. The laundry smelt 'fresh' and clean. You still need to adjust your washing if you have stains (we have a little one), but that's OK for us. Also, me and my daughter have sensitive skin and also for this it works perfectly.

Patrick Five Stars

So far, great results! I was very tentative about buying this and didn’t even share with my husband my “laundry change.” “In past 3 weeks, however, I’ve used Hexawash with all temps, cold to sanitize, and each load smells fresh, seems softer, and the washer also smells very clean. I am pleased.

Carole Five Stars

Very happy customer - As a father of three boys, the washing machine is running almost constantly. We like the neutral, fresh smell. Everything got clean as usual so far.

Steve Five Stars
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