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How to bring old fabric back to life by making your own beeswax wraps

Do you have scraps of fabric lying about the house? Perhaps an old favourite skirt that has a tear in it or no longer fits? Why not give them new life by transforming them into reusable food wraps - just make sure all the fabric is cotton! Our special wax mixture (locally sourced, sustainable beeswax blended with just the right amount of organic coconut oil and tree resin) takes care of the tricky part when making DIY Wax Wraps - this secret blend took months and months to perfect and has been tried and tested to make bee-autiful, strong and effective wraps that will last up to two years. Each bar of our special wax mixture will make around 6-10 beeswax wraps or around 1 square meter of beeswax wraps depending on thickness of cotton used, technique and size.

ZigZag Scissors, Grater, Beeswax Solution
The tools for making your own bee-autiful Wax Wraps


  1. First, grate the wax mixture using a cheese grater
  2. Then set your iron to a low to medium setting
  3. Put a re-usable silicon mat or baking paper on the ironing board
  4. Place the fabric on top of the baking paper/silicon mat and sprinkle the wax onto the fabric - less is more
  5. Place another sheet of baking paper/silicon mat on top of the fabric and wax
  6. Iron the top of the baking paper/silicon mat to melt wax all over the fabric (be careful not to allow the wax to ooze out as this will ruin your ironing board)
  7. Using a basting brush, brush the wax over the edges to make a clean corner finish
  8. Carefully lift the wax wrap up and hang on string or hold it up for 30 seconds to dry.

We want everyone to be able to make their own beeswax wraps, so we're selling our proprietary wax mixture in big blocks. This block of beeswax is blended with just the right amount of tree resin and organic coconut oil.

Kids also love making their own DIY Wax Wraps - and if you want to get really creative, use an old plain sheet which they can colour in, before making the Wraps!

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