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About BeECOnscious

BeECOnscious was started by the founders of SuperBee Wax Wraps to help showcase eco-friendly products and local handcrafted goods from across Northern Thailand.
The diversity of talent
The SuperBee team have now been in Northern Thailand for many years and are always amazed by the beautiful items created by local artisans, from natural materials or from repurposed items and even trash. We wondered how best we could help these craftspeople and raise awareness of these beautiful products.

From here the first shoots of BeECOnscious began to grow. After speaking with many of these craftspeople we decided that providing a marketplace for them where they could sell their goods to the wider world would be most helpful. Charging only a small commission to cover costs, we help them to prepare their products for the global market – from taking product photos to organising shipping, we make it easy for these skilled individuals to earn a living from their hard work.

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Meet the team

  • production team

    The Production Team

    Cutting, Quality Control, Waxing
    The SuperBee production team are the heart and soul of the company, working hard to make the best products they possibly can. The team is made up of mostly women, from local villages and still includes all the original team members from when the company was founded. Some of the original staff have gone on to take leadership training and now run the production teams.
  • Naomi

    US sales & marketing support
    I’m a relatively new-Bee and look after marketing and a few international customers, and I love how warm and friendly it is working here. My background is in communications and marketing, working mostly in IT and academia, so it’s a breath of fresh air working for a social enterprise like SuperBee! I’ve lived in Chiang Mai, off and on for almost 10 years and appreciate the creativity and artistry that this city brings out in people.
  • Nan

    OEM and Asia and Oceania sales
    My name is Nan Apinya, SuperBee Sales and Marketing Manager. I'm mainly responsible for Asian Customers and I also manage most of our events and workshops.
    I was born and raised in Chiang Mai. I live in the city but enjoy driving the 25km up into the mountains to work with SuperBee. I’ve been here for almost four years but I still remember my first day. There were only five people in the team and we lived like a family. We shared lunch and happiness. Sometimes we cooked food in SuperBee’s kitchen. Even though now we have more people, more responsibilities, and more bee-loved customers, we still bond with each other, like the old days.
  • Macarena

    Spanish language sales
    My name is Macarena Bustos and I’m the SuperBee CFO and look after sales for Spanish speaking customers. I'm from Chile and have lived in Chiang Mai for more than six years. After several years living in the city finally I found a lovely place in the mountains very near to SuperBee HQ. I'm super happy to be part of this bee-autiful team, and am always looking to live life in a conscious and sustainable way. SuperBee matches with that part of me and I love it. I’m super proud to witness how this company has grown. The local people we work with are super nice and friendly.
  • Lutz

    IT support & German language sales
    Hi my name is Lutz and I was born in Germany. I was working and living in different social projects around the globe. I love Thailand for the smiles and the tasty food. I am a cabinet maker by trade and switched to programming 20 years ago. I am in charge of IT and German language support here at SuperBee. I also work very closely with production and try to help out with my knowledge. Working here at SuperBee makes me happy, improves my eco-friendliness and gives me a meaningful life.
  • Nat

    Thailand, Africa, South America, Australia & New Zealand sales
    My name is Nat. I was born and raised in Chiang Mai. After spending a few years working in Bangkok, I started to become concerned with how much plastic I received a day from every little thing I bought and how short their life span is after I finished those bubble teas. They ended up in my room and messed up my apartment. So I started to refuse them. Less plastic in life not only brings more happiness but more care for the Earth as well.
  • Tanya (Dear)

    Europe and UK sales
    I am new at SuperBee – working in international sales. My background is in sales and customer management in the hospitality industry and in education. I was born in a small city and moved to Chiang Mai more than 20 years ago. I love the easy-going pace of life here in this lovely city, where it's easy for people to connect with each other. Even before I started working here I was impressed by the benefits of beeswax wraps and how much they can reduce plastic in my daily life! Being part of an organization that cares about society and the well-being of the environment is wonderful!
  • Anny

    Distribution inquiries
    I’m the founder of SuperBee, a naturalist, passionate about social justice, yoga, vegan food, quantum mechanics and eradicating single use plastic. I’m a mother of two, who I hope to inspire to continue the fight for good in this world - both environmentally and socially. Since founding SuperBee in 2016 I’ve been involved with Greenpeace and other organisations to spread awareness about the impact of SUP in the ocean. The business brings me great joy in providing fair, safe and comfortable working conditions to the local community. My passion lies in creating new business models that are driven equally by people, our planet and profit and thinking outside the business box. I believe that it is not plastic that it is the enemy, but greed and corruption.
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